Malachy McCourt — Irish Actor born on September 20, 1931,

Malachy Gerard McCourt is an Irish actor, writer, and politician. He was the 2006 Green Party candidate for governor in New York State, losing to the Democratic candidate Eliot Spitzer. He is the younger brother of author Frank McCourt... (wikipedia)

Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
A lie to me is a dream that might come true.
In Limerick, a family that was dysfunctional was one who could afford to drink but didn't.
I had the taste of the alcohol since I was 11. It allowed me to be clever, charming and to behave outrageously. Acting also allowed me not to be me. So I could indulge every fantasy in this paradise of America.
Imagination in the child is powerful. Reading and laughter and love are essential in our lives.

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