Malcolm McDowell — English Actor born on June 13, 1943,

Malcolm McDowell is an English actor, known for his boisterous and sometimes villainous roles, whose career spans more than five decades. He trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art... (wikipedia)

The definition of insanity in Texas is so insane that it's impossible to be insane in Texas.
You've always got to work with the best if you can, and of course, the best are the best because they're different. They expect certain standards, and they're usually very difficult people to work with.
Once you commit to something, you've got to commit the whole way. Try and make the best of it.
The thing is, I've never been a handsome leading-man type, so let's not kid ourselves.
I like to razz the Trekkies a little bit. Who doesn't? It's trainspotting, isn't it? But they are very well-meaning, actually. I've done a couple of Star Trek conventions, and they've only been really welcoming.

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