Marc Blucas — American Actor born on January 11, 1972,

Marcus Paul "Marc" Blucas is an American actor, known for playing Riley Finn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Matthew Donnelly on Necessary Roughness... (wikipedia)

Team sports, there's always some kind of sacrifice happening... A team, if we lose, if Michael Jordan has a bad night, you hang it on him a little bit... but if you lose as a tennis player, you have no one to blame but yourself, and that's a different beast.
I'm a workaholic, so I read everything that's out there.
Most of the time, actors respond to the thing that's so far from who they are. We all want to play the serial killer and the ex-con.
You see so many different personalities and mind-sets in the world of sports, just like you do with actors.
If a filmmaker and I don't get along, it's four weeks of your life, so, whatever. With TV, it's six years.

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