Marcel Marceau — French Actor born on March 22, 1923, died on September 22, 2007

Marcel Marceau was a French actor and mime most famous for his stage persona as "Bip the Clown." He referred to mime as the "art of silence," and he performed professionally worldwide for over 60 years. As a youth, he lived in hiding and worked with the French Resistance during most of World War II, giving his first major performance to 3000 troops after the liberation of Paris in August 1944. Following the war, he studied dramatic art and mime in Paris... (wikipedia)

To communicate through silence is a link between the thoughts of man.
It's good to shut up sometimes.
Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence, and silence is full of music.
Never get a mime talking. He won't stop.
In silence and movement you can show the reflection of people.