Marilyn Nelson — American Poet born on April 26, 1946,

Marilyn Nelson is an American poet, translator and children's book author. She is the author or translator of twelve books and three chapbooks. From 1978 to 1994 she wrote books as Marilyn Nelson Waniek... (wikipedia)

Many performance poets seem to believe that yelling a poem makes it comprehensible. They are wrong.
After you kind of find your footing, sonnets are what comes easiest.
Back when I was in college, people used to talk about the alienation of the artist, not ever quite fitting in any place.
Writing in form is a way of developing your thinking - your thinking along with the tradition. In a way, it's not you alone, it's you in partnership.
For much of my life - my sister and I have talked about this - when we moved, we just thought the world behind us disappeared, and all of the people, they just didn't exist any more.