Mark Rylance — English Actor born on January 18, 1960,

David Mark Rylance Waters , known professionally as Mark Rylance, is an English actor, theatre director and playwright. He was the first artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe in London, from 1995 to 2005. His film appearances include Prospero's Books , Angels and Insects , Institute Benjamenta , Intimacy and Bridge of Spies ... (wikipedia)

There have been more books alone written about Hamlet than have been written about the Bible.
Great actors try to dismiss all ideas from their conscious mind in order to provide an experience that is real.
Well, my wife always says to me, and I think it's true, it's very difficult for us to understand the Elizabethan understanding and enjoyment and perception of form as it is to say... it would be for them to understand computers or going to the moon or something.
But I don't sit down at dinner and have clever ideas.
So there's a lot of people tied into believing that the traditional response to the authorship question. In terms of actors, some people get very angry about it.