Melina Mercouri — Greek Actress born on October 18, 1920, died on March 06, 1994

Melina Mercouri, was a Greek actress, singer and politician... (wikipedia)

There are no such things as the Elgin Marbles.
We say to the British government: you have kept those sculptures for almost two centuries. You have cared for them as well as you could, for which we thank you. But now in the name of fairness and morality, please give them back.
You know, it is said that we Greeks are a fervent and warm blooded breed. Well, let me tell you something - it is true.
And, of course, it must be asked: is it proper to transact with the Turks for the most reassured of Greek possessions when Greece is under Turkish invasion and subjugation?
We are ready to say that we rule the entire Elgin enterprise as irrelevant to the present.