Melissa de la Cruz — American Author born on December 29, 1971,

Melissa de la Cruz is an American author, known for her work in young-adult fiction. Her works include the Au Pair series of novels and the Blue Bloods series... (wikipedia)

Just because I worked in fashion doesn't mean I didn't go to see 'Underworld' three times!
Dark books do appeal to kids because they have nice, sheltered lives - and they also appeal to children who are going through pretty hard times themselves.
I always thought of vampires, especially the young-adult ones, as a metaphor for sex - sucking blood, forbidden, taboo. I think they just ooze sex. Vampires are all the big themes in life in one attractive, bloodsucking package.
I don't write that much horror. People tell me my books are scary, but they're not really; I don't go there.
I haven't paid for anything since I became famous.