Michael Moschen — American Entertainer

Michael Moschen is a juggler. He received a Fellowship from the MacArthur Foundation in 1990, has appeared on TV on PBS, and did ads for Motorola. Cirque du Soleil commissioned Moschen to create a new work for their permanent theatrical circus in Las Vegas, Nevada... (wikipedia)

I bought a crystal ball, and I wanted to use it, but I didn't know how, and I wouldn't use it until I developed a technique to use it that was truthful.
Juggling is a conversation with the stick, the body, the brain.
Now, juggling can be a lot of fun; play with skill and play with space, play with rhythm.
A lot of people think jugglers defy gravity or do stuff. Well, I kind of, from my childhood and golf and all that, it's a process of joining with forces.
I look at it somewhat as a way - when you learn juggling, what you learn is how to feel with your eyes and see with your hands because you're not looking at your hands, you're looking at where the balls are, or you're looking at the audience.