Mike Pompeo — American Politician born on December 30, 1963,

Michael Richard Pompeo is an American politician who has been the U.S. Representative for Kansas's 4th congressional district since 2011. He is a member of the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party. He served as a Kansas representative on the Republican National Committee... (wikipedia)

Every Muslim leader must unequivocally proclaim that terror committed in the name of Islam violates the core tenets of the Prophet Mohammed, and they must do so repeatedly. Period.
There's no doubt West Point impacted who I am... It has an enormous emphasis, not only on military aspects, but character development. Whether it's the honor code, or the interactions you have, both with the cadet leadership and the academy leadership, every place you are is a character test.
Historically, we have lived in a nation of energy dependence. Dependence on others for our heating and electricity, and for our fuel for transportation.
Protectionist politicians cannot stand the notion of a fossil-fuel-rich America maintaining record levels of production through exports.
One of the things you don't always realize when you're younger is that not everything you try is going to work.