Nader al-Masri — Palestinian Athlete born on December 29, 1980,

Nader al-Masri is a Palestinian Olympic athlete from Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip. He participated in the 5,000-metre race at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. He was the only person from the Gaza Strip and one of the only four Palestinians who participated in the Olympics in 2008. For several months, Israel refused his request to pass through Israel to train elsewhere; Israeli officials subsequently granted him a permit in April 2008. He finished in 39th place 47... (wikipedia)

I feel a freedom when I start running. If I don't train, I feel like everyone else in the Gaza Strip.
I practice on the roads of Gaza as we don't have good stadiums and tracks so I gave my best.
I don't have proper places to run.
I have a coach but there's nobody at my level in Gaza. I have to do most of my training sessions on my own.
I am very optimistic, and I wish that God almighty grants me success to get a qualifying time. Only then can I go to the Olympics. If this happens I will be the first Palestinian athlete to gain a qualifying time. This will be a big achievement.