Naguib Mahfouz — Egyptian Novelist born on December 11, 1911, died on August 30, 2006

Naguib Mahfouz was an Egyptian writer who won the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature. He is regarded as one of the first contemporary writers of Arabic literature, along with Tawfiq el-Hakim, to explore themes of existentialism. He published 34 novels, over 350 short stories, dozens of movie scripts, and five plays over a 70-year career. Many of his works have been made into Egyptian and foreign films... (wikipedia)

You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.
It's clearly more important to treat one's fellow man well than to be always praying and fasting and touching one's head to a prayer mat.
God did not intend religion to be an exercise club.
Events at home, at work, in the street - these are the bases for a story.
The criminal is trying to solve his immediate problems.