Nancy Lublin — Businesswoman

Nancy Lublin is the CEO of Do Something Inc. and was the creator of Dress for Success. She is also the founder of Crisis Text Line... (wikipedia)

I love an underdog. No, I don't necessarily mean the cartoon. I mean like David, as in Goliath, or the Bears, as in The Bad News Bears.
I run a charity. If my name pops up in your call ID, chances are I'm about to ask you for something - money, free ad space, your first born. So it is probably no surprise that people often don't take my calls.
Social change isn't something you should do just to help pad a resume. Follow your passion.
Entrepreneurship is the very back bone of our country and what makes us great - we are a nation of founders.
I'm proposing a change: love thy worker-bee. Celebrate the ones who toil without complaint, play on a team, construct the hive, produce the honey... executing the plan!