Nigel Rees — British Author born on June 05, 1944,

Nigel Rees is an English writer and broadcaster, best known for devising and hosting the long-running Radio 4 panel game Quote... Unquote and as the author of more than fifty books – mostly works of reference on language, and humour in language... (wikipedia)

My job involves searching for 'lost' quotations - that is, trying to find out who came up with a quotable saying that lingers in someone's mind and which they wish to use for their own purpose and which they cannot find in conventional dictionaries of quotation.
Euphemism in the workplace does not end with job descriptions. It reaches a pusillanimous peak at the other end of the work process - in dismissal.
You wish to put a positive construction on your deeds and words.
Democracy is too good to share with just anybody.
It is part of politics to make things look better than they really are. What is a spin doctor but a serial euphemiser?