Nikki Cox — American Actress born on June 02, 1978,

Nicole Avery "Nikki" Cox is an American actress known mostly for her roles on the television series Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas, and Nikki... (wikipedia)

I'm probably the most introverted extrovert you'll ever meet. Up until I got this show I was constantly told, 'She was really good, but she's just not cute enough.'
I'm a McDonald's girl - several times a week. Usually the two-cheeseburger combo meal.
I'm pretty captivated by reality TV and I know that as an actor I probably shouldn't be saying that, but it's what I like to watch.
If I didn't have fake nails, my fingers would be bloody stumps.
Acting is the only thing I ever really wanted to do, and I'm really ill-prepared to do anything else.