Nina Conti — English Actress born on June 05, 1974,

Nina M. Conti is an English actress, comedian and ventriloquist. Among many characters, her primary on-stage puppet sidekicks are a white-haired Scottish grandmother named Granny and a deadpan and somewhat sinister monkey named Monk... (wikipedia)

So many actors are lively-minded, creative people who just tread water in this awful way, waiting for the phone to ring and doing their hair for auditions. It feels like a bit of a dreamer's life - as opposed to a sensible ventriloquist's life.
I could never be on stage on my own. But puppets can say things that humans can't say.
My puppets are far more liberated than I am. Ventriloquism is a useful way of expressing myself.
Having a puppet is a way of having opposing opinions - I say a thing; he says the other.
The character of the monkey just grew from something out of his face and my granddad's personality. They fused, and that's what I ended up with! The monkey belonged to a friend of mine, and I saw that it had such a little beguiling face and it grew from there.