Nolan North — American Actor born on October 31, 1970,

Nolan Ramsey North is an American actor who has been described as "the nearest thing the games industry has to a bona fide leading man." His voice work includes characters such as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series; Desmond Miles from the Assassin's Creed video game series; Ghost from the Bungie title Destiny; the Penguin in the Batman: Arkham video game franchise; Cpt. Martin Walker in Spec Ops: The Line; David in The Last of Us; several characters in various pieces of Marvel media, most popularly Deadpool; Superboy in Young Justice; himself in Saints Row IV, and Edward Richtofen in the Call of Duty Zombies storyline... (wikipedia)

I'm proud of the versatility I've had since I was in high school, getting in trouble for all these voices. What happened was that there were so many of these big heroes I played - in 'Dark Void,' 'Assassin's Creed,' 'Shadow Complex,' 'Uncharted,' and 'Prince of Persia' - and they all showed up at about the same time. It got a little ridiculous.
I revel in my anonymity. But when I'm at a specific event and gamers are there, they'll recognise me.
The really best acting is children in a playground or in a backyard. They're just lost in their imagination. The backyard isn't a pirate ship or a jungle, in the same way that the soundstage isn't Shambala.
When we did the first 'Uncharted,' we weren't able to capture the audio with the performances. We would go back and do A.D.R. - Automated Dialogue Replacement - in which you would hear yourself and then repeat your line. Even when we were doing that, there was a slight disconnect because you were trying to recreate a performance.
I'm an actor. Whether I'm on stage, in front of a camera or a microphone, what I do is the same - although with videogames it requires a lot of imagination.