Patrick Rafter — Australian Athlete born on December 28, 1972,

Patrick Michael "Pat" Rafter is an Australian former World No. 1 tennis player. He twice won the men's singles title at the US Open and was twice the runner-up at Wimbledon. He was known for his natural serve-and-volley style of play. He became the first man in the Open Era to win Montreal/Toronto, Cincinnati and the US Open in the same year; this achievement has been dubbed the American Summer Slam... (wikipedia)

I'm sick of making bloody history.
I'm not going to be a ten or twelve grand-slam winner. It's not going to happen.
Life's there to make the most of, and that's what I do.
I'm not that good a player, and I'll be the first to admit that. I might be a three or four grand-slam winner; I might be a two grand-slam winner, I don't know.
I'm the sort of person who keeps a lot to myself.