Paul Oakenfold — British Musician born on August 30, 1963,

Paul Mark Oakenfold /ˈoʊkənfoʊld/ is an English record producer and trance DJ. He was voted the No1 DJ in the World twice in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Magazine... (wikipedia)

Shanghai set out to take over from Hong Kong and I think it's done that. It's got the most amazing futuristic skyline which rivals and even betters Tokyo.
APA is another evolution in my career; they have unique vision and share my goals for the future. I look forward to expanding our horizons together.
For me it all started with two turntables and a mixer.
When I started DJ'ing, it was no big thing. There was no money in DJ'ing, and you did it purely for the love of playing music.
There is a definite Chinese pop sound developing, but I was shocked at how influenced it is by American music.

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