Randy Bachman — Canadian Musician born on September 27, 1943,

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When one knows at an early age that their gift, talent and direction is musical, one tends to focus on that and let nothing interfere or impede the forward motion toward the end of that rainbow. And after 50-something years of rockin' out, you still realise there is no end to that distant rainbow until one's last sunset.
My life has been a whole series of accidents, some of them happy, some not.
The fact that the internet is so active; people can now speak to me indirectly.
You don't need a uniform color: We used a mixture of brick red, browns and grays, and then threw in seashells, branches and various types of rock, so our walls ended up looking like cave paintings!
I learnt one thing in the past or in my life: the only person you can change is yourself, and it has to come from within.