Richard Attias — Moroccan Businessman born on November 19, 1959,

Richard Attias is a Moroccan events producer, founder and former chairman of PublicisLive and presently the executive chairman of Richard Attias and Associates, and the founder of The New York Forum... (wikipedia)

Africa's informal economy is one of the most innovative and inventive environments in the world. Yet it is an environment with little regulation in which workers are often exposed to hard conditions and live without a safety net.
Sport allows us to engage in dialogue and to build bridges, and it may even have the capacity to reshape international relations. The Olympic Games embody perfectly this universal mission.
Sport is a great equalizer that can build bridges, transcend borders and cultures, and render even the fiercest conflicts temporarily irrelevant.
Sport is one of the few spaces where people can learn about different cultures in a spirit of trust and friendship.
Obesity is a problem that nearly every nation in the world is facing, but there is much that we can do to fix it.