Rick Moranis — Canadian Actor born on April 18, 1953,

Frederick Allan "Rick" Moranis is a Canadian actor, comedian and writer. Moranis came to prominence in the sketch comedy show Second City Television in the 1980s and later appeared in several Hollywood films, including Strange Brew , Ghostbusters , Spaceballs , Little Shop of Horrors , Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (and its sequels), Parenthood , My Blue Heaven , and The Flintstones ... (wikipedia)

Canada Day comes and goes modestly every year. Sure, there are retail sales promotions and a long weekend. But there isn't bluster or commodity in Canadian celebration. Canada isn't big on bunting. Or jet flyovers, fireworks, marching bands or military pomp.
What we see is what they're trying to sell us. It's not true nostalgic as much as it is repeating old material because it's less expensive than new material.
I always find it flattering when somebody recognizes me.
I have forty-six cookbooks. I have sixty-eight takeout menus from four restaurants. I have one hundred and sixteen soy sauce packets. I have three hundred and eighty-two dishes, bowls, cups, saucers, mugs and glasses. I eat over the sink. I have five sinks, two with a view.
When I was a little kid, it was not uncommon for a cousin or an uncle, before they would even say 'Hello,' to gush, 'You know, your mother's brisket is just incredible; it's so good.' That was an inspiration for creating a love song in that well-worn terrain of the relationship between a Jewish boy and his mother.