Rob James-Collier — British Actor born on September 23, 1976,

Robert James-Collier is a British actor and model. He is known for his roles as Liam Connor in Coronation Street and as Thomas Barrow in Downton Abbey... (wikipedia)

If you rile a tiger, he's going to show his claws.
Beverly Hills is too intimidating. Everyone's got lovely teeth, so you don't want to smile. Everyone's ripped, so you start working out at 4 in the morning and eating egg white omelets.
My mom and dad put my brother and sister through university and they were very keen for us to have an academic background just to give us a chance.
People identify with being heartbroken. We've all been heartbroken, haven't we? I've been dumped, and it feels horrible.
If you're going to kiss a man, let it be a beautiful man like Ed Speleers.