Robert Herjavec — Canadian Businessman born on September 14, 1963,

Robert Herjavec is a Croatian-born Canadian businessman, investor, author and television personality... (wikipedia)

You can never be satisfied as an entrepreneur, and the basis of any successful, growing business is new clients.
What is great about entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs create the tangible from the intangible.
If you are under the illusion that you can start a business and run it at your life's schedule, you are mistaken. The business is like a starving puppy - when it needs to eat, then it needs to eat regardless of what you have going on personally.
Oh, I'm all about small business. I think what we've learned from big business and big Wall Street is that unchecked greed and the creation of false value gets us all in trouble. If we look at the American economy, who's really creating value? It's the small businesses.
I don't think anyone wakes up and says, 'I want my life to suck today.'