Robert Osborne — American Actor born on May 03, 1932,

Robert Jolin Osborne is an American actor and film historian best known as the primary host for Turner Classic Movies. Prior to TCM, Osborne had been a host on The Movie Channel... (wikipedia)

Lana Turner was adorable and funny. Jimmy Stewart was such a nice person. I quickly realized that if you're not a nice person, you're not going to last in this business. I mean, once your box office starts to drop off, like Veronica Lake, they'll get rid of you fast.
When a movie opened - if you lived in New York, you would see it at Radio City Music Hall where it would play a couple of weeks, and then you moved on to the next movie. Now you can see it the rest of your life - it's going to be on Netflix and DVD.
My age and my phone number are both unlisted.
There comes a time when even icons, if they choose to do so, should be allowed to enjoy life out of the spotlight.
For a lot of filmmakers, their first goal is to be successful and make some money. But once people start doing that, the real goal is then to win an Academy Award. Because when they do, they know that their obit is going to start out, 'Academy Award winner so-and-so.'