Robert Quine — American Musician born on December 30, 1942, died on May 31, 2004

Robert Wolfe Quine was an American guitarist, known for his innovative guitar solos... (wikipedia)

It was just like Howlin' Wolf. Once you arrive at the point that you understand it, the emotional factor is darker than some of the saddest blues stuff.
I never really followed grunge.
I think Blank Generation holds up pretty well. You listen to that with headphones and there's a lot going on there with the guitars- it's the product of a lot of fighting.
I really feel fortunate to have been around then because there have been good and bad years in rock but the best years were '55 to early '61. I got to see Buddy Holly and everybody else.
I was 12 in '55 when rock and roll hit. It just completely transformed me.