Robyn — Swedish Musician

Robin Miriam Carlsson, known as Robyn, is a Swedish soprano vocalist. Robyn became known in 1997 for the worldwide dance-pop hit "Do You Know" from her debut album, Robyn Is Here. The popularity of her UK number-one "With Every Heartbeat" and her 2005 album, Robyn, brought her international success. In June 2010 Robyn released the first album of a trilogy, Body Talk Pt. 1, which reached number one. Its lead single, "Dancing on My Own", was released several weeks before the album and received a Best Dance Recording nomination for a 2010 Grammy Award. Body Talk Pt. 2 was released on 6 September and debuted at number one on the Swedish chart. The trilogy's final album, Body Talk, was released on 22 November with "Indestructible" its lead single; "Call Your Girlfriend" was the album's second single. In May 2015 Robyn announced a new music project, La Bagatelle Magique... (wikipedia)

I think I'm always adopting a persona. That's how I look at pop music. I don't feel like I have to be myself. I feel like I have to be true to myself, but I don't have to show an exact picture of who I am.
I just want to have a normal life, like everyone else, you know?
My friends who are not from Sweden tell me that I'm more reserved or maybe more ... I guess the opposite of what a Latin American would be. Maybe because Scandinavians are more careful with their words and I guess it takes a lot to become a friend of a Swede.
Club culture is always going to be a reflection of youth culture, but I think we're maybe moving into a time when the club is a place where older people can go, too. And it's a place people go to connect to themselves, it's not always about the party. It's also about letting off steam and expressing yourself and connecting to other people.
The marketing is just as important as the music, almost.