Romain Duris — French Actor born on May 28, 1974,

Romain Duris is a French actor... (wikipedia)

Some actors, they have to carry this macho, very masculine element to them, but it's difficult for me to understand that.
Most people think I am very nice; they think I'm their friend, which is lucky, but it means you're never allowed to be in a bad mood. They take it personally. The worst is when you're on holiday with your family.
I think what's very French is the mixture of comedy with intimacy and a kind of reflectiveness. For U.S. audiences, the nearest thing is Woody Allen.
Fame is O.K. I hate it, but it's O.K. I'm beginning to understand how I can be hidden. It's an attitude.
You don't learn acting, you nourish it. I don't regret not going to drama school because I was very afraid of all the lessons. I'm allergic to technicality.