Romola Garai — English Actress born on August 06, 1982,

Romola Sadie Garai is an English actress. She is known for appearing in the films Amazing Grace, Atonement, and Glorious 39, and in BBC series such as Emma, The Hour, and The Crimson Petal and the White. She has been nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award... (wikipedia)

The last thing a director needs is an actress who feels an ownership towards a particular character.
Normally, when you're working on something, there are other characters that you have alliances with, and you have unified goals with some characters.
My alter egos have changed a lot over the years. When I was a child, I was a black horse called Storm. Whinnying and jumping over bamboo poles in the garden took up pretty much my entire childhood.
Postwar Europe was morally stagnant, and there was a lot of neo-conservatism.
I can only do something that my sister or my daughter, if I have one, could watch and feel positive about.