Rosie O'Donnell — American Comedian born on March 21, 1962,

Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell is an American comedian, actress, author, and television personality. She has also been a magazine editor, and continues to be a celebrity blogger, lesbian rights activist, television producer, and collaborative partner in the LGBT family vacation company R Family Vacations... (wikipedia)

I want the same standard applied to homosexuals as is applied to heterosexuals.
I think what children need is love, security, stability, consistency, and kindness.
I don't think you choose whether or not you're gay.
I think that the reason for my success is that I am really not aspirational. I am inspirational in that the people at home feel like they can really relate to me.
I know I'm a really good mother. I know it. I'm a really good mother.