Ruzwana Bashir — British Businesswoman born on July 28, 1983,

Ruzwana Bashir is a British entrepreneur, founder and CEO of, a travel company based in San Francisco, California. She has been selected for Vanity Fair‍ '​s Next Establishment,Forbes‍ '​ 30 Under 30 in Technology and Fast Company‍ '​s 100 Most Creative People... (wikipedia)

The power of real debate is in the language and intellectual honesty of the debaters, alongside the engagement of spectators.
Wouldn't it be amazing if we spent as much energy investing in experiences as we do investing in things?
A lot of our happiness is derived from experiences, not from buying products. People are twice as happy buying experiences as products. People are happy buying experiences. They don't want something that's commoditised.
Despite living in an increasingly digital world, there are a few things I still like to keep as physical reminders. So every time I see an exhibition, I make a pit stop at the museum gift shop to buy a postcard of something that inspired me.
What you do on travel holiday is what your memories are based on. People want to do cool stuff, and this is what will shape your entire experience.