Sarah Churchwell — American Educator born on December 29, 1970,

Sarah Bartlett Churchwell is an American-born academic who is the Professor of American Literature and Public Understanding of the Humanities at the University of East Anglia, UK. She is known for her expertise in twentieth and twenty-first century fiction. She regularly appears on British television and radio and has also judged several literary prizes, including the Women's Prize for Fiction and the David Cohen Prize for Literature... (wikipedia)

Pop music provides not just the soundtrack to our lives, as the cliche goes; it releases our emotions and helps us to articulate them. This is why music is so important to adolescents, who are struggling with questions of identity and self-expression.
People who are given whatever they want soon develop a sense of entitlement and rapidly lose their sense of proportion.
If history starts as a guest list, it has a tendency to end like the memory of a drunken party: misheard, blurred, fragmentary.
Expression and thought are inextricably linked: crude language permits only crude thinking.
Textbooks are no longer given to schoolchildren; they're too expensive. So they're given to the teachers, who probably need them more.