Scott Adsit — American Actor born on November 26, 1965,

Robert Scott Adsit is an American actor, writer, voice actor and improvisational comedian. Born on the North Shore, Adsit joined the mainstage cast of Chicago's The Second City in 1994 after attending Columbia College Chicago. He appeared in several Jeff award-winning revues, including Paradigm Lost for which he won The Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor in a Comedy... (wikipedia)

'Monty Python' and 'The Simpsons' have ruined comedy for writers for the rest of our lives.
I might've been witty, but I didn't have a shtick. So, I never considered myself a comedian.
Generally, I've found that a heckler in an improv audience is just enjoying the show so much that they want to be in it.
I enjoy doing physical comedy.
I put my foot in my mouth more than I speak properly.