Seinabo Sey — Swedish Musician born on October 07, 1990,

Seinabo Sey is a Swedish recording artist and songwriter... (wikipedia)

Since I'm not good at anything else, I hope I can keep singing for a long time.
I got introduced to Maps by my label, and I liked his sound. I had been living with the original version of 'Younger' for quite a long time when I heard the result of his remix, and I loved it. It actually made me find a new love for the track.
Some days, I think maybe we should try and be a little more conventional, but every time I try, I fail, so I'm learning to not even entertain that thought anymore.
By the second time I sang by myself in school, I just realized that I was more in control of my environment than I had ever been before.
I got along with mostly everyone, but music school does that to you. We had to sing in a choir all the time, so we had to get along with everyone.