Shawn Amos — American Musician born on September 13, 1967,

Shawn Ellis Amos is an American songwriter, blues singer, record producer and digital marketing entrepreneur... (wikipedia)

For years, I've felt like the loneliest brother on the planet. I don't play basketball, I can't dance, and I'd rather listen to Harry Nilsson than hip hop.
Every major summer blockbuster that is released is essentially a product line being launched across multiple verticals. However, the centerpiece of the product launch is a big, beautiful story whose job is to entertain.
Social media is social. We're looking to touch one heart at a time. With one great story at a time.
Depending on your political orientation, the Dixie Chicks are either the great defenders of free speech or American traitors.
Many cities make music, but no city breathes music quite like Memphis. The songs and sounds that come from here are uniquely American.