Shelley Conn — English Actress born on December 29, 1976,

Shelley Conn is a British actress of mixed heritage including British, Portuguese, Burmese and Indian. She was born to Anglo-Indian parents... (wikipedia)

I think 'Mistresses' is so successful because it's a mixture of intriguing storylines with lots of twists and it is rooted very strongly in reality and it's really glossy.
I think I would struggle with any job if it was purely about effects. Even as a viewer, those aren't the kind of things that interest me.
I did a practical theatre degree, which I took seriously, and then told my parents I wanted to go into acting - because up until that point you could still say you were going to become a teacher. So I told my parents, and they said: 'But of course, that's what we always thought you were doing to do.' Until then, I was still in the acting closet.
People want to be entertained when they watch dramas. 'Mistresses' has a mixture of escapism and reality.
I had periods when I was out of work, and I still do - I just don't worry about them as much any more.