Sheridan Smith — English Actress born on June 25, 1981,

Sheridan Smith, OBE is an English actress, singer and dancer... (wikipedia)

I'm normally a burger and chips girl - such a cheap date.
When I saw 'Legally Blonde' on Broadway, I rang my agent and said 'I want to be seen for this,' but the rest weren't big choices, really. 'Hedda Gabler' was a phone call offering it to me, and as I've said before quite embarrassingly, I didn't know the play, so I didn't sit there thinking 'I would now like to tackle Ibsen.'
When you're hiding behind a character all the time, as soon as you have to be yourself, you feel kind of terrified.
My brother is the lead singer of The Torn, and my parents are in a country duo.
I'd like to rescue people in trouble, like Superman.