Sheryl Lee — American Actor born on April 22, 1967,

Sheryl Lynn Lee is an American film, stage, and television actress. She came to international attention for her performances as Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson on the 1990 cult TV series Twin Peaks and in the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. She is also known for portraying photographer Astrid Kirchherr in Backbeat and for her roles in Vampires and Winter's Bone, as well as for her television series roles in LA Doctors, Kingpin, One Tree Hill and Dirty Sexy Money. She has also performed on Broadway in a production of Oscar Wilde's Salome... (wikipedia)

It's almost as if we each have a vampire inside us. Controlling that beast, that dark side, is what fascinates me.
I highly recommend tantric sex workshops.
The more we deny that we have a dark side, the more power it has over us.
I grew up in Colorado - went back there, tried to heal myself and grow and learn, then got a call that David Lynch wanted me to fly back to Seattle so he could meet me for Twin Peaks.
I would love to play a nun. I used to want to be one when I was a kid.