Simon Armitage — British Poet born on May 26, 1963,

Simon Robert ArmitageCBE is an English poet, playwright and novelist. On 19 June 2015, Armitage was elected Oxford Professor of Poetry, succeeding Geoffrey Hill... (wikipedia)

I once stood in the middle of New York city watching my name go round the electronic zipper sign in Times Square and I felt pretty thrilled, but not quite as thrilled as I felt when I saw my name in the 'Examiner' for the first time.
People who read poetry, for example, like the feel, the heft and the smell of a book.
I'd got to a point where I wanted a break.
The Huddersfield that I like best is a large town with a big heart and an open mind.
If you were going to choose a way of making your way in this world and a place to start from, you might not choose poetry and you might not choose Huddersfield.