Steve Alford — American Coach born on November 23, 1964,

Stephen Todd "Steve" Alford is an American basketball coach and former player who is currently the head coach of the UCLA Bruins men's basketball team... (wikipedia)

I'm a Christian first. I'm a family guy second. As much as I like coaching, as much as I like basketball, it's third, fourth, or fifth down the line.
If you keep your eyes fixed on Christ, He's going to reward you.
Fans will come if you have a good product.
I feel blessed that I had an opportunity to be in the Big Ten for four years as a player and be in the Big Ten as a coach for eight years. To get 12 years in a conference like the Big Ten - it's a first-class league with great towns and great fans.
The majority of the Big Ten towns are college towns. The colleges are kind of what run the towns.