Susan Glaspell — American Playwright born on July 01, 1876, died on July 27, 1948

Susan Keating Glaspell was an American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, actress, novelist, and journalist. With her husband George Cram Cook she founded the Provincetown Players, the first modern American theater company. During the Great Depression she served in the Works Progress Administration as Midwest Bureau Director of the Federal Theater Project... (wikipedia)

We're all made of the same kind of stuff, and there's none of us made of stuff that's flawless.
As I grow older, I think friendship between women is a thing to cherish.
I'm not sure I would be a good godmother. I have read about it, and I found that the godmother's position is to take care of the morals of the child. I don't know how good I would be at that.
I'm an American. We've translated democracy and brotherhood and equality into enterprise and opportunity and success - and that's getting Americanised.
Most of the people of this world are coated round and round with self-esteem, and they're afraid to admit any understanding of the things which aren't good.