Susan Lucci — American Actress born on December 23, 1947,

Susan Victoria Lucci is an American actress, television host, author, singer, and entrepreneur, best known for portraying Erica Kane on the ABC daytime drama All My Children. The character is considered an icon, and Lucci has been called "Daytime's Leading Lady" by TV Guide, with The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times citing her as the highest-paid actor in daytime television. As early as 1991, her salary had been reported as over $1 million a year... (wikipedia)

Life goes on, and I'm moving on to the next thing, but I hope the soaps that are still running will thrive. They have millions of loyal viewers.
I love spaghetti and meatballs... I eat a lot.
You know what my greatest personal stumbling block is? My shyness.
It took awhile for me to get used to speaking candidly about my own life. I got into it, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience.
My grandsons really love my apple cake, which is from my grandmother's recipe.