Tom Verica — American Actor born on May 13, 1964,

Tom Verica is an American actor, television director and producer, best known for his role as Jack Pryor in the NBC drama American Dreams. As director, he is known for Shonda Rhimes' dramas. As of 2012, Verica is co-executive producer of Scandal, and in 2014 he returned to acting in How to Get Away with Murder... (wikipedia)

Right before 'American Dreams,' I started to pursue these avenues, like short films and getting into a couple night courses to really study photography and cinematography, and the language of visual storytelling.
I am definitely most proud of 'American Dreams.'
I can put on my resume: 'Can play dead.'
I guess that is a good compliment for an actor for people to hate you wherever you go.
I played in 'From the Earth to the Moon,' working with Tom Hanks. He is a great guy, very smart.