Toni Servillo — Italian Actor born on January 25, 1959,

Toni Servillo is an Italian television and film actor and director of theater and opera... (wikipedia)

I think that beauty can injure you to death. It can cause an injury that can never be cured. Or it can so traumatise you, your life changes direction. The beauty of the harmony of nature that is forever lost, or a daily rite that you perform, or diving into the sea for a swim. Those experiences are going to mark you.
Each single gesture of art must be daring. One must not be concerned with the side-effects.
Politicians in Italy seem to spend so much time giving interviews, they don't have time to make the laws.
Opera is musical theatre, and the music can teach you so much about the theatre. Very often I use musical terms to think about how I comport myself on stage: I employ 'rubati,' 'ostinati,' 'cadenze.' Finding these parallels is very fascinating for me.
Acting requires a lot of discipline to go with the obsession. It's a path of knowledge, and of self-knowledge. Sometimes you get lost on the path. And then you find yourself again.