Toyin Odutola — Nigerian Artist born on December 30, 1985,

Toyin Odutola is an artist who was born in Ife, Nigeria. She received a BA in Studio Art and Communications from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2008. She also received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2012... (wikipedia)

I kept wanting to push my image as validity; I wanted to see my portrait on a wall and know it was okay.
The social media bit is really about documenting process. I like the dialogue if it's constructive, but I'm now at a crossroads. I've accumulated a lot of followers, and it's great, but I'm also at that teetering point where people are feeling themselves a little too much, commenting a little too much.
Being a black artist, the first thing people want to talk about is your blackness, the importance of your blackness, and your black presence.
For a while, I was nervous about portraying women because of the objectification that automatically comes with it, whether the artist intends or not.
It's kind of a language I've developed over time that's basically breaking up the face into components and planes. Inside each plane, I draw gradation marks, and when planes come together, they form sinews, a hairlike weave that's like a landscape of the face.