Tracy Hickman — American Author born on November 26, 1955,

Tracy Raye Hickman is a best-selling fantasy author who has written, or co-written dozens of novels. He is best known for his work as a writer on the Dragonlance novels. He is also known for authoring role playing games while working for TSR... (wikipedia)

'Wayne of Gotham' is very much a father-and-son exploration. We've always seen Thomas Wayne through the years as this figure carved in marble; this perfect man. The only thing we really know about is that he died in that alley outside of a theater. But every son has to confront the reality of his father at some point in his life.
I've always been fascinated by the Norsemen, their lives, history and cosmology. The more we study them the more interesting they become... breaking their own stereotypes. We usually think of them as barbarians, but there were aspects to their society that shows a tremendous level of civilization, sophistication and social advance.
One of the things about a great team is that the whole exceeds the sum of its partners.
One of the wonderful things about Batman is that he is just a man. He doesn't have superpowers or extraordinary powers other than his tremendous intellect and physical prowess.
There are so many different Batman fans, and all of them approach it from a different place. You have the people who have only seen the films and only know Batman through the Burton or, more recently, the Nolan films. And those people are looking for a different kind of a Batman than the people who have been following down through the comics.