Tracy K. Smith — American Poet born on April 16, 1972,

Tracy K. Smith is an American poet and educator. She has published three collections of poetry. She won the Pulitzer Prize for a 2011 collection, Life on Mars. About this collection, Joel Brouwer wrote in 2011: "Smith shows herself to be a poet of extraordinary range and ambition. ... As all the best poetry does, Life on Mars first sends us out into the magnificent chill of the imagination and then returns us to ourselves, both changed and consoled.".. (wikipedia)

Brooklyn is kind of my writer's retreat.
For me, a poem is an opportunity to kind of interrogate myself a little bit.
I grew up in northern California in a town called Fairfield, which is kind of exactly between San Francisco and Sacramento, a small suburb. And I'm the youngest of five children.
I feel like it's a gift for any writer to be recognized like this.
So much of my poetry begins with something that I can describe in visual terms, so thinking about distance, thinking about how life begins and what might be watching us.