Tullian Tchividjian — American Clergyman born on July 13, 1972,

William Graham Tullian Tchividjian, born July 13, 1972, is the former senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a former contributing editor to Christianity Today '​s Leadership Journal. He has written several books about Christianity and current issues... (wikipedia)

The deepest fear we have, 'the fear beneath all fears,' is the fear of not measuring up, the fear of judgment. It's this fear that creates the stress and depression of everyday life.
When the Christian faith becomes defined by who we are and what we do and not by who Christ is and what he did for us, we miss the gospel - and we, ironically, become more disobedient.
Hollywood is not known as a culture of grace. Dog-eat-dog is more like it. People love you one day and hate you the next. Personal value is very much attached to box office revenues and the unpredictable and often cruel winds of fashion.
Our assurance is anchored in the love and grace of God expressed in the glorious exchange: our sin for His righteousness.
To be Biblically balanced is to let our theology and preaching be proportioned by the Bible's radically disproportionate focus on God's saving love for sinners seen and accomplished in the crucified and risen Christ.