Valentina Matviyenko — Russian Politician born on April 07, 1949,

Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko (Russian: Валенти́на Ива́новна Матвие́нко; IPA: , née Tyutina (Тю́тина; IPA: ); born 7 April 1949), is a Russian politician who was Governor of Saint Petersburg from 2003 to 2011 and has served as Chairman of the Federation Council since 2011. She was considered until recent years the highest-ranking female politician in Russia... (wikipedia)

St. Petersburg is a gem of world culture and Russia's most European city.
I do not believe in populism. I am not a supporter of radical decisions. Practice has shown that usually these are harmful.
Everyone in my country understands that Russia cannot do without Europe and that, vice versa, Europe cannot do without Russia. We depend on cooperation.
The mentality of the Russian demands a lord, a czar, a president.
Of course the United States and Russia have different interests. Nevertheless, both are strategic partners.

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