Valeria Mazza — American Model born on February 17, 1974,

Valeria Raquel Mazza is an Argentine model and businesswoman. Considered by some as the first Latin American supermodel, Mazza rose to prominence in the 1990s and became a household name after appearing in the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of 1996 alongside Tyra Banks... (wikipedia)

In some countries, women aren't allowed to wear a swimsuit.
It is more important to know how to mix and match the clothes than to spend money.
Dyeing my hair has become a kind of addiction. I can't see myself as anything other than blond. Once you go blond, you stay blond forever.
I think I lost at least 40% of my fans when I became blond. They didn't recognize me anymore.
What is important is to have values in life. What's important is how you are, not how you look.

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